Cone Crazy

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Drive to hit all the cones.

↑↓   Forward and Reverse
←→   Turn Left and Right

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Submitted by Killa1b
Sponsored by XL Games
Played 70,834 times since 11.06.06
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2.88 Stars, 17 Votes

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it was stupid
#8 by Abbie1995 on 03.04.09
I don't like, and i hate having to go on another site to play a game.
#7 by **DeepestBlue** on 10.23.08
thats messed up... i didn't make it... i just put it there... just to see how this works
#6 by Killa1b on 06.10.08
That game is really weird i dont like it
#5 by El-NeNe on 05.01.08
really gay
#4 by Steven097135 on 04.22.08
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