Crazy Nails

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Ever wanted to shoot things with a nail gun? Well, here's your chance! Skill Mode: your objective is to shoot the apple off the top of your neighbor's head. Hopefully you won't hit him! The shooting distance increases with each successful hit. Arcade Mode: you're stuck in the cellar trying clear it of a rat infestation. Can you get all the rats before they get you. Note- the rats have mutated and have evolved genetically - be prepared to deal with some pretty freaky rats! Each levels brings a new rat-mutant.

Skill Mode: Aim with cursor. Hold with left-click to increase shooting distance. Release to shoot.
Arcade Mode: Aim with cursor. Left-click to shoot.

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Submitted by Freeworldgroup
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Played 170 times since 05.27.10
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3.00 Stars, 9 Votes

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lol so stupid
#8 by Phoebe1120 on 01.11.13
REALY... REALY... STUPID!! 1/5, but i want to do 0/5
#7 by Polyrange on 07.14.10
Wow worst game ever
#6 by Tuzar1121 on 06.29.10
really stupid...1/5
#5 by Reaper911 on 06.27.10
#4 by Lavagirl on 06.11.10
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