Critical Mass

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Pick Rad powerups to build up your critical mass.

ASWD/arrows to move. Avoid walls and enemies,
pick up rad symbols to build up your critical
mass and blow your enemies! More mass = More
size = More Blast! Take advantage of game
mechanics to score more points. English/Spanish

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Submitted by CWMonster
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Played 2,947 times since 09.18.08
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4.43 Stars, 101 Votes

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Great game - glad I got a good score!:)
#62 by Stuart623 on 05.08.14
great game!
#61 by Sheepy21 on 05.01.14
Super Game.... Chosen 1 --->> Great work done by you.. 9300 is really a wonderful score in this game....
#60 by Raaj on 01.18.13
i cant play it very well but i stil like it
#59 by Muttbum on 10.09.12
Do they delet your scores?
#58 by XpembrokeX on 07.22.11

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