Crush The Castle

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i wuv this game :3
#61 by PeaceOut on 12.10.10
what happend to the players pack?
#60 by Nathiads on 10.13.10
somebody be my freind
#59 by Ironmanisaac on 07.19.10
the first one is better
#58 by Nathiads on 07.13.10
#57 by Xavion on 05.01.10
i do like a good castle bash 5/5
#56 by Havoc18 on 02.21.10
bloody cool
#55 by NAMDIMAS392 on 11.29.09
fair 4/5
#54 by Hgagadsfagfo4 on 11.03.09
hey guys im new add me
#53 by Bc_kingkiller on 10.17.09
It was nice to play around with it becomes a cake walk after level 1 if you understand the mechanics. The custom castle was lacking needs better building system.
#52 by TheGuardian on 09.29.09
the last level seems impossible ive tried it atleast 50 times
#51 by Capealio on 09.26.09
very good!!but try the crush the castle 2...its a bit better
#50 by Jaken on 09.26.09
so much fun
#49 by Dirk107 on 09.20.09
the king have no nutsack!!
#48 by Mrmoseby on 09.03.09
Great game, from the greatest game site AG. 5/5 Dosen't get better.
#47 by Google on 08.30.09
#46 by Mastok on 08.24.09
#45 by Iwillrock555 on 08.19.09
I love hitting the castles and killing everybody in one hit
#44 by Monkeyman54321 on 08.12.09
Wow dudes this game was the bomb, after level 19 they got more technical Beast mode game. Like Artillery only it never ends. Swweeeeettt.
#43 by 5thAdmiral on 08.10.09
wont load
#42 by Firebird3129 on 08.10.09
#41 by Jacob711 on 08.09.09
this is awsome
#40 by Hattrik55 on 08.09.09
Its an alright game
#39 by Monkeyman54321 on 08.08.09
#38 by Wolf103416 on 08.05.09
#37 by David1501 on 07.29.09
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