Daisy in Wonderland

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Daisy is stuck between dimensions! Help her find her way home by jumping between Wonderland and the big city. Enter doors to move between dimensions and use switches to unlock puzzles.

Use the arrow keys to move LEFT and RIGHT and to climb UP or DOWN.
Use SPACE or UP to enter doorways and flip switches.

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Submitted by Tinymania
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Played 146 times since 02.23.10
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3.81 Stars, 16 Votes

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this is cool and the music rox as well!!!
#12 by Leolara on 10.17.11
i luv the music :3
#11 by Lucifierlithium on 12.06.10
fun game
#10 by Cexeychica13 on 08.16.10
#9 by Blahblahblah661 on 06.20.10
luv it
#8 by JaSsminjOJo on 06.20.10
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