Darkness Episode 3

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Episode 3 of the terrifying Darkness point-and-click series is finally here! This time you find yourself trapped in a subway train. Use your wits to get out. Be sure to turn down the lights and turn up the speakers for maximum enjoyment.

Recommended by I_Like_Pie.

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4.06 Stars, 79 Votes

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its to easy jut like the others lol
#68 by Ss4shadowking on 02.16.12
beat the game for the first time awsome
#67 by Ss4shadowking on 01.23.12
This Is So Easy Message Me If U Need HELP XX
#66 by Bekiixx on 10.14.11
omfg i can't do this someone help me find the last stupid tumbler
#65 by Airesata on 08.09.10
#64 by Cocomama13 on 06.27.10
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