Demolition Dude

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I past the game
#17 by DARIEL on 08.24.10
It is just a amazing game.
#16 by ClarkBeast on 07.16.10
ive beat it so many times i beat it withno retries or skips
#15 by Brandon1999 on 06.05.10
#14 by Brandon1999 on 06.04.10
#13 by RiottimePMP06 on 05.27.10
posting for points once again
#12 by Shopaholic4ever on 05.07.10
#11 by Naruto_fan on 05.03.10
hes getting beat up by houses ha ha
#10 by Shyecro on 04.24.10
Its nice to see the main character is a black guy...we dont give them enough credit
#9 by Alan0777 on 04.20.10
THAT was pretty cool! Finished the whole thing!!
#8 by Bookworm94 on 04.20.10
beat the game beat it like da MJ song lol.dope game anothuh version of Godzilla
#7 by -JiPsIc3b10Ck- on 04.18.10
Finished it! =)
#6 by I_like_pie on 04.18.10
#5 by Beatsboy66 on 04.16.10
got to level 16
#4 by Viperjosh on 04.15.10
i love this game beat the whole game on another website
#3 by Duwell on 04.15.10
#2 by Ryen17 on 04.15.10
Awesome! poor guy xD
#1 by I_like_pie on 04.15.10
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