Desert Rifle

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Defend your desert position for six long days.

Mouse to aim / shoot
Lower mouse to hide / reload / change weapon
Press R to reload
Numeric keys 1-5 to explode land mines
Press P to pause game

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Played 625 times since 01.23.09
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4.25 Stars, 57 Votes

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#28 by Lavi on 10.14.10
prety cool game
#27 by Rocker81 on 02.02.10
its aight
#26 by Max578 on 11.13.09
s dis game rockz
#25 by Lavi on 11.05.09
this game is TIGHT im addicted to this best cpu game ever!!!!!!!!!!! and i agree with king i could have more guns though other than that 5/5
#24 by Thehudson on 10.30.09
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