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Play with up to 6 friends in this multiplayer bubble puzzle shooting game.

Aim and shoot the colored bubbles at the matching bubbles above. Match 3 or more to pop them. Popping bubbles will send bubbles onto your opponents screen.

Use the mouse to aim and the left mouse button to shoot. Or use the left and right arrow keys to aim, and the spacebar to shoot.

Pop bubbles with powerup items on them to add powerups to your item queue. Press the number keys (1-7) to use items on your opponents.

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Submitted by Omgpop
Sponsored by OMGPOP.com
Played 118 times since 08.10.09
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3.81 Stars, 16 Votes

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i wuvz this game
#7 by PeaceOut on 12.14.10
my best game. i have to give it a sparkle rating of 10/10. love it
#6 by Sparkle on 10.29.09
This game is a good way to waste time. I like it
#5 by LesPaul on 08.16.09
I find it quite funny lol
#4 by 5thAdmiral on 08.13.09
dumb is an under-statement
#3 by Iyonn on 08.12.09
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