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Dogfighting plane game where you shoot down enemy planes and try to blow up tanks with your bombs.

ARROWS   Fly Around
SPACE   Fire Guns
CTRL   Drop Bombs

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Submitted by EarthWind
Sponsored by
Played 31,484 times since 04.25.07
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Game Rating
4.00 Stars, 83 Votes

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Favorited 22 times

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Easy as pie
#55 by Monna_Purple on 07.11.11
Very good game and easy I love it...:0
#54 by RReView on 11.11.10
14th place
#53 by Seamus117 on 12.16.09
it would be a lot better if you had a map and it showed where they were coming out
#52 by Nathoni89 on 12.12.09
Thats about what I talked .
#51 by Laintai on 11.29.09

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