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Domino is one of the oldest chinese games. It is still played in all the world by millions of people. With this game you will be able to play with your friends, thanks to the multiplayer tecnology.

The aim of the game is to finish all your bones connecting them to the end of
the tails of the domino, with the appropiate number.
You can find the "How to play" inside the game.

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Submitted by LorenzGames
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Played 758 times since 09.01.08
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it is retarded but good graphics 3/5
#10 by Volcom23 on 01.25.09
Ah sorta sorta
#9 by Poisoned-Penguin on 01.23.09
i dont really like it
#8 by Kittykamko on 01.17.09 ppl..
#7 by Dee18 on 11.12.08
#6 by Xdude on 11.09.08
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