Doris Dress-up

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Can you choose the best dress for her? Get the top score by dressing up the pretty girl with her desired dress from the collection of costumes.

Use mouse to play the game.

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Submitted by Games2rule
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Played 80 times since 12.11.09
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3.07 Stars, 14 Votes

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#6 by Leolara on 10.16.11
it is not the best game
#5 by Ravenyoung2014 on 06.28.10
its okay.
#4 by Mysterygirl13 on 06.27.10
The person's body is really fat, there are not enough clothes and there isn't even anything to tell you if you are on the right track of clothing or if you are dressing her completely incorrectly! I give this game only 3/5 stars!
#3 by Blackgal on 12.25.09
i dont like it it needs more clothes
#2 by Ccrlee5299 on 12.19.09
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