Drakojan Skies 3

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Amazing game with cinematic cut scenes and music. Lead your squadron through the skies and protect the dragons from the enemy.

↑→↓←   Fly Around
C   Fire Bullets
X   Launch Missiles

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Played 56,169 times since 01.25.06
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4.32 Stars, 41 Votes

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wildhogg..how the hell can it be nice AND stupid? O_o
#17 by I_like_pie on 07.11.09
nice and stupid
#16 by WILDHOGG on 04.26.09
#15 by I_like_pie on 03.17.09
cool ...coool
#14 by Dee18 on 11.08.08
#13 by Eten on 09.18.08
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