Drone Wars Live

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Build up your drone colony by gathering ore from nearby asteroids to your mothership. Gain technology and new attack drones to overpower enemies. Learn to play in Arcade mode and challenge yourself in Survival mode! Visit the official blog to get updated.

ARROWS   Scroll map
ESC   Unselect all, 2x to clear chat
TAB   Reveal all armor bars
0 (zero)   Map to mothership
1-9   Load drone group, 2x to map
CTRL 1-9   Save current drone group
CLICK (Unit)   Select one unit
CTRL+CLICK (Unit)   Select all of the same unit type
SHIFT+CLICK (Unit)   Add or remove unit to group
CLICK+DRAG (Units)   Select units in drag region
CTRL+CLICK+DRAG (Units)   Add units to group in drag region
CLICK (Map)   Run unit action at point
CLICK (Minimap)   Move to new map location
MOUSE WHEEL   Scroll map up and down only
ENTER   Type chat then press enter again

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maybe we should ALL try going on and check say around 12:00 pm-ish
#298 by Spencer88 on 02.02.13
so more fun at the multyplayer and nobody joins
#297 by Tudorache43 on 01.03.13
Good game but I think this game would be better with some dubstep music!
#296 by TurboAP on 08.12.12
nice game
#295 by ShineStar on 05.20.12
new play
#294 by Tharlison on 11.25.11

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