DuS Mermaid

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#24 by Mysterygirl13 on 06.26.10
love it..... keep it going !
#23 by Kitty-Kassie on 04.21.10
i wonder what shes looking at.
#22 by Redskins45 on 12.23.09
It's kewl, she's sorta like half emo half mermaid...PLAY IT!!! 5/5 for me!
#21 by Blackgal on 12.13.09
#20 by LEAH on 10.04.09
i love it
#19 by XBrookellex on 09.12.09
I love mermaids and i like dressing up emos so this game is great for me!5/5
#18 by Blackgal on 09.12.09
I think this mermaid is more mysterious than emo really. Emo's aren't pretty. or colorful for that matter.
#17 by Tamini on 08.01.09
I give her 5 stars. And she's super awesome.
#16 by Zelda on 07.30.09
#15 by I_like_pie on 07.19.09
en emo mermaid.. pretty cool! xD
#14 by Nobodybutme on 07.16.09
She's cool. She's weird but that's what makes her awesome.
#13 by Zelda on 06.15.09
uuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm nooo......
#12 by LyLyBooTM on 06.02.09
what type of mermaid is this!!!!! she is super creepy ill give her 1/2 out of 5
#11 by Lovye101 on 04.17.09
#10 by Rose_28 on 03.31.09
boooo !
#9 by Lilsis on 03.29.09
i dont kno wat to say
#8 by WILDHOGG on 03.24.09
its ok....
#7 by Naruto_fan on 03.22.09
#6 by WILDHOGG on 03.21.09
hey shreash my name is emily
#5 by Gothemily on 03.20.09
I think that they should've spaced out the dates of realease on the dus games... a bunch at once makes me get bored really quickly
#4 by Jeruna on 03.19.09
Dus gamez r werid
#3 by Lilsis on 03.19.09
#2 by 2cool4u on 03.19.09
hmm i dint like this one..thr are too many DUS games...this one isnt so good
#1 by I_like_pie on 03.16.09
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