Dynasty Street

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Action fighting game with great music and sounds. Lots of gore, weapons and stick men to beat up. There are about 35 moves and 10 items that you can use and many modes of play. Also take the tutorial to learn all the basics before you start the actual mission.

←→   Walk Left and Right
X   Kick
Z   Punch
D   Drop Item
SHIFT   Hold to Run

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Sponsored by EON (Dissolute Productions)
Played 118,025 times since 10.06.05
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4.58 Stars, 167 Votes

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One Mission. But Not Bad 4/5
#102 by Scaper111 on 08.04.12
it's funny and nice 5/5
#101 by Miss_candy on 05.02.11
ummm o,O daaaaaang... do chu ppl really wuv seein stick ppl die or somethin... this game sux so bad -.-'
#100 by PeaceOut on 01.04.11
Longer would be nicer
#99 by Deadmaus on 11.12.10
Was pretty cool. Nice challenge. Good music. 4/5
#98 by ZeldaGamer1 on 09.12.10
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