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Ederon is a multiplayer online collectible card game that you can play from any browser over the internet. Manage your deck, buy boosters, trade cards, go to tournaments and level up in this incredible online world!

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Played 47,597 times since 07.19.07
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4.33 Stars, 63 Votes

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I cn't play on my damn c*mputer for sum reason i hate ittttt
#34 by Jim-bom on 06.04.11
its so kewl
#33 by PYT1712 on 06.03.09
its basicly magic the gathering but with completly different cards. but same basic princeble of the rules
#32 by Takeshi1232 on 05.20.09
game is straight
#31 by Luquacious on 04.22.09
challenge me sonic_boy
#30 by Artilerry on 12.12.08
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