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Small Guys, Big Fun! Challenge your friends in this wildly entertaining multiplayer card game. Be the first to collect all 5 elements to win! Stars are wild, but watch out for Trash and Action cards. www.eleminis.com

(Mouse) Playable moves will highlight yellow. Click one to play.

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Submitted by Smileypop
Sponsored by Eleminis.com
Played 100 times since 05.05.10
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3.67 Stars, 6 Votes

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wow man
#6 by Waleman on 10.26.11
#5 by Joshuatait1 on 08.06.10
woot 4th coment for this game! its awesome
#4 by Graysongdl on 06.19.10
it's okay
#3 by Naruto_fan on 05.16.10
i like it to
#2 by Xavion on 05.15.10
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