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awesome game 5/5
#11 by Ryen17 on 04.25.10
it's awesome...i can't get past a Deadly 4 at lv.15--Radient Tormenter
#10 by Frost55--- on 02.13.10
Nice and beautiful game,not bad.
#9 by SER_HYO on 11.06.09
hmmm i cant get passed frostdeal
#8 by Viperjosh on 10.24.09
its a really good game
#7 by Themaster on 10.23.09
its iight
#6 by Duwell on 09.02.09
#5 by Naruto_fan on 08.30.09
#4 by 342stanly on 08.29.09
this game was cool 5/5
#3 by Magic14916 on 08.28.09
Super cool!
#2 by Miril181 on 08.28.09
its alright
#1 by Hattrik55 on 08.28.09
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