Escape Chestnut Room

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Rupert has gone on a hunting trip with his friends, but they decided that he was too noisy, and they've locked him in the cabin so they can enjoy their day of hunting. Help Rupert escape from Chestnut room so he can show his friends that he can't be left behind.

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i cant figure dis out
#33 by Sweetest_smiles on 06.27.11
ir sucks all. i agree wid da ohters hu sed it sucks. wers da walhkthru!?!?! DX
#32 by Yogiyogi23 on 06.18.10
This game is so addicting yet impossible to finish it! I need the cheats, does anyone have the cheats?
#31 by Blackgal on 09.19.09
#30 by Ruerue244 on 08.28.09
dude this sucked
#29 by Edwardluvr97 on 07.01.09
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