Escape Pear Room

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Escape from the Pear Room.

If you are having trouble check out this walkthrough.

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Played 10,469 times since 02.01.08
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3.64 Stars, 28 Votes

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holy gayness batman
#15 by Teana_rox on 04.17.09
pear room? wierd..and tha game's ok..
#14 by I_like_pie on 03.08.09
Hello!!! There is a walkthrough! Stop Complaning!!!
#13 by D-Dube-3rd on 06.30.08
its hard...
#12 by **DeepestBlue** on 05.25.08
this sucks i really hate any one who likes this game is a complete retard.
#11 by Ironman289 on 04.25.08
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