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Your objective in this game is to grow beetles, breed beetles and to produce the ultimate beetle. You have to look after these bugs, feed them, entertain them, and clean up after them. Not so easy. Grow bugs, breed bugs, sell bugs, buy bugs, evolve bugs, race bugs, fight bugs. This game will keep you busy for a long time. Can you keep your bugs alive and succeed in the bug world?

Mouse point and click.

Game autosaves as you progress.

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Submitted by Freeworldgroup
Sponsored by FreeWorldGroup.com
Played 448 times since 03.09.09
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Game Rating
4.27 Stars, 37 Votes

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Favorited 13 times

Latest Reviews

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nice gmae beat it 5 times well got all bugs 5 times
#20 by Appoloreign on 08.28.10
awesome my little bro got the ultimate beetle lol
#19 by Candrius on 08.15.10
kind of cool
#18 by Dragon11 on 03.27.10
I like it,its awesome. I cant imagine how FAST i can BREED and buy insect"s that Fast.
#17 by Lord_kururugi on 10.01.09
awesome, linkin park on piano. props
#16 by Cole1220 on 07.13.09
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