Fancy Pants Adventure World 2

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It's World 2. Have fun!

Arrows move, up enters doors, down ducks, slides, or rolls. Hold down while landing to slide forward. Hold jump while stomping a baddie to jump higher. Hold up or down while wall jumping to change your jump. Space to pause.

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Played 151,802 times since 05.22.08
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4.60 Stars, 190 Votes

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Good game but I think this game would be better with some dubstep music!
#183 by TurboAP on 08.12.12
I like this one better than the old one.
#182 by Darlingurl on 04.10.11
It's irritating to die and have to start the level over.
#181 by Iyonn on 02.13.11
I beat the game it is awesome
#180 by Peacein on 01.17.11
off thee chain!!!!!!!!!<3
#179 by Lil-Redd001 on 11.27.10
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