Farmers on Fire

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Make your enemy neighbour farmers explode before time is up! If you win enough rounds, you’ll win their land. You can get several power ups, for example to increase the radius or damage of your explosions, to drop more barrels, to speed your movement or to get immune to bombs of your, pain in the butt, fellow farmers.

Single player mode: use the arrow keys to move around and the space bar to drop bombs.

2 player mode: use WASD to move around and the left CTRL to drop bombs.

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Submitted by Mdam
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Played 310 times since 09.01.09
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3.12 Stars, 25 Votes

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pretty fun but to easey
#11 by PAKMAN on 03.28.10
#10 by Jendra987 on 12.27.09
It might be good but there Is a action game loads better than this here! link
#9 by Flashfish on 10.24.09
#8 by I_like_pie on 09.17.09
ok,this is a total fav
#7 by Ila_here97 on 09.17.09
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