Final Strike

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Destroy all the zombies before they get you!

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Played 105 times since 01.02.08
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2.62 Stars, 13 Votes

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Way to easy...
#7 by 5thAdmiral on 08.26.09
exploding ppl lol
#6 by Nath-O on 10.20.08
i dont want to say it sucked and was too easy but it did and it was.... 1/5
#5 by Nunyabizz on 10.17.08
it was ok
#4 by Hattrik55 on 10.14.08
i went all da way to level 39 on ma 1st try but it was super hard thuogh...
#3 by Dragonforce-mcg on 10.14.08
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