Firing Day

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Getting hired to work in a factory is harder than you may think! ;) Your job is to spot all the faulty items so that they get destroyed before they pass through the conveyor.

- Click on items that do not match the picture on the right corner. Click again to deselect the object if you've made a mistake.

- Use the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to control the speed of the conveyor. LEFT = Faster, RIGHT = slower.

- Press "Q" to toggle quality (if the game runs slow)

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Submitted by SnailsAnimation
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Played 131 times since 03.17.10
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4.18 Stars, 17 Votes

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way to easy
#9 by DARIEL on 08.24.10
i didn't get it! STUPID!
#8 by Behappy06 on 07.19.10
its alright
#7 by SuperHot on 07.01.10
#6 by Ayung on 06.11.10
ima get a wiistation XD
#5 by Irishrocker12 on 04.05.10
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