Four Pile Patience

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A card game of memory and strategy. The aim of Four Pile Patience is to place cards from ace to king of each suit on the four foundations. Cards can be moved from the stock to any pile, and in a limited manner between piles. See our guide to Online Paypal Casinos for more.

Drag cards with the mouse.

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Submitted by Mrsneeze
Sponsored by Cathelius
Played 254 times since 09.28.08
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2.59 Stars, 17 Votes

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this game sucks so bad
#4 by Cutie551 on 04.16.09
good game
#3 by Zohaan on 12.27.08
ITS NOT GOOD..thats all im saying..
#2 by I_like_pie on 12.25.08
it kinda sucked
#1 by Hattrik55 on 10.28.08
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