Freeway Fallguy

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Ray's got a death-wish and he's dancing on the front of your car. Will your driving skills keep him safe? This crazy driving game has you as the stunt driver on the shoot of a music video. Featuring some great animation (check out the death scene!), rocking soundtrack and really cool cut-scenes.

Use the mouse to move the car and hold down the left mouse button to speed up and score more points. Whenever Ray falls off just flick the car to spring him back up.

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Submitted by KillerViral
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Played 375 times since 08.07.09
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4.34 Stars, 53 Votes

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lol xD nice, i like the part wen the wannabe star goez face first into the road... im jus sayin
#25 by PeaceOut on 01.05.11
Can anyone beat my high score?? haha i really doubt u could
#24 by Andrew9696 on 01.29.10
#23 by Qflames on 01.14.10
aWsOmE!!!1! 5/5
#22 by Mysteryankees456 on 01.01.10
wow 2 place and its awsome 5/5
#21 by News228 on 12.31.09
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