Funny Halloween Girl

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Dress this pretty girl in spooky dark outfits perfect for Halloween. When you are done easily print your creation and share with your friends.

Use the mouse to select colors and accessories.

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Submitted by Siftheads
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Played 388 times since 10.26.10
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3.25 Stars, 16 Votes

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i don't really like this game
#6 by Party-crazy on 03.28.12
1. the music is annoying 2. she is ugly 3. the clothes, shoes etc. are crappy 4. these are NOT scary 5. 99% of people would not lke this game and im one of them GET BETTER GAMES
#5 by Beautifulkid105 on 11.05.11
i like this game
#4 by Growner1 on 02.12.11
lol this iz why they say halloween iz just an excuse for chickz to dress sltish... lol no offence xD where would guyz be without sltish clothez... kay ima just shut up now
#3 by PeaceOut on 12.21.10
2nd to comment.....nice
#2 by Duka002 on 12.13.10
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