FWG Knight 1

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Dragons and their evil servants have invaded your kingdom. It's up to you to destroy this menace before they conquer your lands. Your objective, Sir Knight, is to kill as many Dragons and goblins as you can. We understand this is a suicide mission, but the need is great and we're sure you're up to the task. Good luck, and may the God's welcome you with open arms when the end comes.

WASD to move. J - normal attack. K - special attack. Move keys combined with attack keys will produce different attack types.

All controls can be modified.

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Submitted by Freeworldgroup
Sponsored by FreeWorldGroup.com
Played 4,492 times since 04.05.08
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3.70 Stars, 33 Votes

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kinda awesome maybeeeeeeeeeeeeee my bratie cousins
#16 by Jamesbrown12NM on 04.13.09
prettttty cool
#15 by I_like_pie on 12.23.08
Not a very god game. It's kind of fun but not really fun. the graphics are kind of bad but not terrible. There should have been more weapons and upgrades. Over all I was dissapointed in this game.
#14 by Zallart on 07.18.08
pretty fun its a game of survival 5/5 faved
#13 by Redrain on 06.16.08
this is prety cool
#12 by Kingalegon on 06.05.08
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