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Played 62,779 times since 09.13.07
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I mean, Gaia's ok, but i agree with Doggy. I've been playing Gaia since 2008, and the Users attitudes haven't even changed! Everything you say that they don't like, or is against what they like, they will ban you. Just avoid the people that do that.
#50 by NightAssassin82 on 08.09.11
I would avoid this site at all costs. They have no respect for freedom of speech. Say one thing that they don't agree with and they ban you. Not to mention all of the immature angsty teens here really spoil the experience. I would go with Ragnarök online if I were you.
#49 by Doggykun on 01.15.11
Confusing site.
#48 by Nobodybutme on 09.07.09
its sexy i love to chat its so awesome add me then illbe happy and ill make u happy!
#47 by Luv_me345 on 08.29.09
#46 by Damienj10 on 08.21.09
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