Galactic Dodgeball

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Move the Earth around dodging asteroids, but not too fast or your population will fall off. A classic "survive until the planet gloriously explodes" game.

Move the Earth with your mouse.
Click to deploy gravity blast (once acquired)
Asteroids automatically get destroyed if kept in range of
the Earth for long enough.

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Submitted by KeithKongGames
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Played 4,845 times since 07.15.08
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3.81 Stars, 36 Votes

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I am finally #1. If you want help you can watch this vid. link A video is probably worth 1,000 words.
#16 by Iyonn on 09.13.09
Challenging, but still fun
#15 by Miril181 on 09.07.09
I wish I could pause. I also wish I would not lose >_<. I wish or lots of things. I do not wish that I had the #2 score, cause I already have it. =P
#14 by Iyonn on 09.01.09
Very cool. Very fun. I love the gravity physics.
#13 by Iyonn on 08.20.09
kinda cool.... 4/5
#12 by Nunyabizz on 10.13.08
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