Germ Attack

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When germs attack the human body, a super anti-body like you fights the germs to the death. Fight the germs in 60 levels of match game play!

Click the mouse over the germs to rotate and match them together.

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Played 39,269 times since 03.06.06
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2.94 Stars, 81 Votes

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i like this
#35 by Macodo on 07.10.09
its a decent game but its kinda hard to move around the lil germ things
#34 by LesPaul on 04.30.09
ok it is good
#33 by Fatman111 on 03.16.09
im a gameband im sorry from not tall yeall ooook
#32 by Fatman111 on 02.26.09
Huh,wonder why I hate this..Yep,because,because it's boring!
#31 by Sportrabbit on 01.29.09
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