Ghosts and Goblins

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The classic game, you are a knight who has to save the princess from the evil demon. Use various weapons like torches, swords and lances to beat the baddies and save the day! This was created with an Emulator by David Winchurch not Gamebrew!

Click inside the game first. Sorry there are no sound effects for this game.

←↑→↓   Move
ENTER   Start
SHIFT   Select
Z   Button 1
X   Button 2
+   Slower
-   Faster

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Sponsored by Capcom (Emulator by David Winchurch)
Played 36,680 times since 11.09.03
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Game Rating
3.91 Stars, 46 Votes

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A classic! I love these games 3/5
#17 by XpembrokeX on 07.13.11
wouldnt load >,<
#16 by PeaceOut on 01.05.11
I didn't really like it, it was hard for me, lol.
#15 by Chuckie on 06.24.09
#14 by 1230 on 04.14.09
this sucks
#13 by JohnTheKiller on 01.29.09
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