Girl Rush

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A car game for girls in which you must take a risky trip to collect the cosmetics that were stolen from your saloon. You must drive as fast as you can without crashing your car.

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Submitted by Iluvtoplay
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Played 1,775 times since 10.17.08
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3.69 Stars, 51 Votes

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lol i hav to stop playin chickz gamez -.-' but itz still awesome
#31 by PeaceOut on 12.15.10
Great Game!!
#30 by BadChick on 04.30.10
dont wanna show but i bet its fun??
#29 by Ciara_is_Cute on 07.20.09
it don`t work.
#28 by Gamegirl5263 on 07.11.09
#27 by Prettlygirl24 on 05.04.09
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