Golf Solitaire

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Get as many of the cards from the top pile into the bottom pile within the time limit. But don't screw up too early on, as one wrong move will have consequences you won't recognise til it's too late! Fast-paced, puzzling, and not a Golf ball in sight!

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Submitted by Doofhq
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Played 346 times since 11.06.08
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3.39 Stars, 33 Votes

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It doesn't bring up the game.
#5 by ArizonaGrace on 08.03.09
#4 by Nobodybutme on 07.22.09
yeah it doesnt work for me
#3 by Helloall on 05.14.09
Very basic Solitare game has annoying habit of reloading for every hand you play
#2 by 654321jooper on 01.17.09
its ok
#1 by Hattrik55 on 12.04.08
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