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Goodgame Café is the brand new title from Goodgame Studios. Open your own Café and amaze your customers with your cooking skills. Hire your friends and shop for ingredients right now! Decide what’s on the menu today and grow your business. Your Café will be the most popular meeting point in town!

You get all game instructions and informations over the help button in the game.

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Submitted by Shelby
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Played 58 times since 08.12.10
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4.12 Stars, 8 Votes

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this is a cool game.. jst love it
#9 by Jstchill on 05.20.11
i love this game you should go to goodgame studios its so nice !!
#8 by Beauty22312 on 05.06.11
I like this game
#7 by Badyvonne on 09.26.10
i like this
#6 by Water_lilly on 08.22.10
Yes true, its like zyngas cafe world. But this one is better, and that begins with the grafics...
#5 by Shelby on 08.19.10
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