Gravity Pods

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Gravity Pods is a vector-based physics shooter / puzzle. The objective is simple: shoot a projectile at a target. Of course, there are some barriers, and naturally there is a way around those barriers. By strategically placing Gravity Pods around the screen, you can bend the path your projectile takes, so that it goes around walls, down halls, curves back on itself etc. The trick is figuring out where to put them to lead the projectile to the target. The first levels are simple, but it gets progressively tougher as the courses get harder, and more elements come into play.

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like wat the hell r u supose to do
#7 by WILDHOGG on 11.30.08
cool!! lol
#6 by OneBoi on 11.26.08
how do u shoot?
#5 by Hobosrock on 11.23.08
im the first one two type .
#4 by Yakpoop on 11.23.08
1st reveiw wooooot
#3 by Brianna on 11.23.08
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