Hamster Battle

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Battle other players in this cute but deadly hamster game!

Use the arrow keys to move your hamster around. Press up to jump. Press it again to double jump! Press space bar to fire.

If you see a different weapon power-up, collect it. You can fire acorns, grenades and homing missiles.

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Submitted by Omgpop
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Played 214 times since 05.27.10
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3.50 Stars, 6 Votes

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About tp [lay 4 the 1st time hope I like it
#12 by Msmissy on 07.19.12
my com puter dosent work so good
#11 by Waleman on 10.30.11
well now my computer works
#10 by Waleman on 10.29.11
yeah luex me 2 in fact every game on thie internet!
#9 by Waleman on 10.26.11
@Luex yes
#8 by XpembrokeX on 07.25.11
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