Hannah Montana Dress Up

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im not a fan..but eh.the game is o.k i guess...
#103 by I_like_pie on 03.18.09
i am from france
#102 by Nulifer on 03.07.09
its ok i gave it 5 stars because of points
#101 by Sandrilove on 02.21.09
hahahahha funny huh wicked just same like me
#100 by Girlloverabbit on 12.29.08
i am just doing for the point and so of this are funny this game suck lol
#99 by Jta311 on 12.24.08
wait who miley sirus
#98 by Angel152760 on 11.24.08
cool game
#97 by Katie_14_15 on 11.23.08
wooow this game is sooo bad ...lolz
#96 by Sexypinkygrl on 11.21.08
i know that this crap is for girls but i kinda love it,2 tell u the truth, i dream about hannah and she is my room mate and its 10:00 PM,so i sleep but when i wake up she is in my bed and we both r naked,thats a good dream eh
#95 by Wickedgenius on 10.29.08
this game sucks its too girly.. and i just hate hannah montana
#94 by Tomboy14 on 10.10.08
This game is ok...I guess but she looks wierd though<But Hannah Montana Is Awesome In Real Life>I give it a:Rating 5/5
#93 by -_Jason_1012- on 09.22.08
i love this game!
#92 by DIAM0NDPRYN3SS on 09.14.08
It's FABOULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#91 by Groovydiva on 09.13.08
i dislike hannah montana but it was kinda fun! 2/5
#90 by Nunyabizz on 09.13.08
i luv hannah montana!!!
#89 by Gamergirl77 on 09.09.08
i love hannah but that naked photo of hers i dont like her
#88 by Cutie123 on 09.02.08
i love hanna but im cuter then her lol
#87 by Suzy_masr on 08.26.08
it is good
#86 by Candiicookie on 08.17.08
wow how did you get so many exact poses?
#85 by Buynetstuff_com on 08.14.08
I played this game alittle too easy
#84 by Demon_Monster on 08.14.08
#83 by Scottyboi on 08.13.08
makes me want to hate her even more ,as if i already did'nt
#82 by Hotmama109 on 08.12.08
#81 by OneBoi on 07.30.08
entertaining not fun after a while tho.So BOOORRRIIINNNGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#80 by Tweetybaby on 07.26.08
Hannah Montana seems the same now
#79 by Xxhannahxxderrxx on 07.07.08
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