Happy Wheels

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One of the most popular games around is Happy Wheels. It's basically the same style game as the BMX and motorcycle physics games where you drive along without falling over when you do jumps, but with enough momentum to get over the hills. But in this case it's not a BMX or a monster truck, it's a man - a man in a wheelchair. Try to stay alive while completing the course by avoiding falling over. If you're a bit squeamish this game isn't for you. Have a go at the level editor and make your own courses.

Arrow Keys   Move about
Space Bar   Action A
Shift / CTRL   Action B
Z   Eject

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Played 201 times since 02.19.13
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real cool game. provides minutes and hours of entertainment. did not get bored. love it how it has many different games. really enjoy BMX Park.
#3 by Muttbum on 07.22.13
love it!?!?
#2 by NinjagotswaggXD on 06.12.13
#1 by ChrisL3119 on 06.07.13
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