Hasty Haircuts

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Help Natasha to run her beauty salon and give impeccable service to her customers.

Simply drag a customer to the vacant chair with your mouse and choose the correct tool to make the hairstyle.

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Submitted by Gg123
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Played 92 times since 10.12.10
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3.25 Stars, 12 Votes

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este jogo nao é legal pra quen esta em note cmo eu
#9 by Gessy12345 on 07.23.12
#8 by GracePeace on 07.09.12
this game is awesome
#7 by Party-crazy on 03.28.12
#6 by Leolara on 09.30.11
It was very fun.
#5 by EBELLA on 07.17.11
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