Hawaiian Runner

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Race and upgrade buggies across Hawaii’s toughest terrain. Upgrade your buggy with everything from monster wheels to flame decals. Can you be the Big Kahuna?

   Jump Up
   Hit Brakes
   Hit Gas
SPACE   Use Power Up

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Submitted by 3rdsense
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Played 2,137,753 times since 12.01.06
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3.97 Stars, 128 Votes

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its fine
#96 by Leolara on 10.16.11
this was fun
#95 by Max578 on 10.24.09
lol lol
#94 by Shaneboyw on 07.15.09
it should have more races
#93 by Jordandurthomas1 on 05.31.09
#92 by MZNANAPOOH22 on 05.11.09
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