Heli Attack 2

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Helicopters come at you in waves in this game. Use your military brains and advanced weapons to defeat them.

←↑→↓   Move
MOUSE   Aim and Shoot
END   Change Weapon
CONTROL   Hyper Jump
SHIFT   Time Distort

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Played 22,316 times since 11.20.03
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Game Rating
4.20 Stars, 20 Votes

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great game
#6 by Knightwolf45 on 08.12.08
i like it
#5 by OneBoi on 08.01.08
#4 by Hand-some on 07.04.08
what Very Bad T_T_T_T_T
#3 by Ghegi on 05.15.08
AWESOME! Amazing graphics, basically the same as third. I would recommend it lol. Extreme gameplay too XD.
#2 by Drovoxx on 03.28.08
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