Helibot Mk5

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I give it a 3/5
#29 by -_Jason_1012- on 07.14.09
cooool :P:P:P:P
#28 by XXxKILLxXx on 04.14.09
kindav fun
#27 by Flyb0y28 on 01.20.09
#26 by Darthvaderr on 01.05.09
i missed 1st PLACE BY 2 POINTS
#25 by Roberto-roxs on 12.11.08
good cool outstanding mainbloinig game
#24 by Pakistan on 10.22.08
cool fun! 4/5
#23 by Nunyabizz on 09.14.08
nice game but needs a little work
#22 by WILDHOGG on 09.09.08
This Game Is Wierd And Its Got Bad Graphics.
#21 by -_Jason_1012- on 09.07.08
It's nice and fun with good graphic too.
#20 by Sportrabbit on 08.18.08
cool game..!
#19 by Ika_cutegirl on 08.16.08
man its wierd
#18 by Dra150 on 08.14.08
suck my balls hotshot
#17 by Tcreavis on 08.12.08
grr 19
#16 by Justincb6 on 08.11.08
i got 357600 on hard mode earlier but it didnt add grrr vic
#15 by Willisme1 on 08.04.08
I dont find this addictive i think it suck 1.5
#14 by El-NeNe on 08.03.08
Damn You Vic:I Will Pass You On Easy And Hard
#13 by HotShot_Scotty on 08.03.08
Very simple, but very hard going for the highscore. Damn you vic!!!! That score was mine...... anyway, its addictive, fun, has a robot, and a twist ending. Play it and find out.
#12 by Tcreavis on 08.02.08
Thumbs up for this game. Simple yet effective graphics. A game that deserves a well earned review. Great playtime and good scoring sytem. Special boxes are also a good addition. WILLISME1 rating: 5/5
#11 by Willisme1 on 08.02.08
yea good
#10 by Zanko on 08.01.08
This Game Is Ok...I Guess
#9 by -_Jason_1012- on 07.30.08
it was ok
#8 by Hattrik55 on 07.28.08
its pretty fun for a while
#7 by Schark on 07.28.08
I can't play this game
#6 by 1997_Irfan on 07.27.08
?????? I dont see the point in this game
#5 by El-NeNe on 07.27.08
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