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Based on the PS3 game inFAMOUS, you are Cole, an urban explorer who has developed fantastic abilities that he can use for good or evil as he battles his way through the streets of Europa city.

Left/Right = Walk
Up = Jump (Up again to control drop)
X = Heal/Recharge/Use switch
Space = Use Power
C = Switch Power

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Submitted by KerbGames
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Played 1,057 times since 06.04.09
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4.33 Stars, 96 Votes

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muy bueno
#59 by Nacho-neo on 09.05.12
#58 by Anubis666 on 11.14.09
good job
#57 by Alan0777 on 11.14.09
i (L) this game but the real one is obviously better.
#56 by Elmoi on 10.10.09
is a good game but need more graphics and more aattacks other than that is great
#55 by Elmoi on 10.09.09
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