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A highly addictive game where you grow and raise a collection of fish. Keep feeding them well, and they will reward you with money. Fail to feed them, and they will perish. All this, and seafood-loving space aliens too!

Click to drop food, buy more fish, shoot the aliens!

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Sponsored by Flying Bear Studios
Played 298,282 times since 11.09.03
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4.26 Stars, 97 Votes

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It's taking 4eva 2 load...
#69 by XXHaxfracroarXx on 12.24.12
Whew -- after at least a year finally my computer lets me play this game!
#68 by Mythletest on 02.12.12
Lol, I like the game 4/5
#67 by XpembrokeX on 07.13.11
lol i hav the new one on my laptop D= but it wont lemme play this lil version anymore
#66 by PeaceOut on 12.20.10
#65 by NafeemNawal56 on 07.08.10
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