Insurance Hunter

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#20 by Pablo_2009 on 08.21.09
weird but fun i like it
#19 by RiottimePMP06 on 06.05.09
-5/5(it sucked)
#18 by TZone on 12.28.08
#17 by Iamlegend on 11.23.08
#16 by DrDeath on 11.17.08
dat waz great! 5/5
#15 by MzBrea09 on 11.16.08
eh, it was ok
#14 by Teevis on 08.07.08
I finished the game easily 3/5
#13 by Josiegal on 08.06.08
the first couple levels r fun then it gets realy boring
#12 by Kadshak on 07.12.08
very good game original way to kill the bad things in life a very nice to game to play still it becomes repetitive that-s why i dont think it deserves the 5 stars
#11 by JoeVega on 06.20.08
boring and it sucks
#10 by LEAFYBUG on 05.02.08
Pretty good!!! fun, and good graphics. But it doesn't really have much action and gets highly repetitive after a while, so um... I wouldn't recommend it.
#9 by Drovoxx on 04.19.08
#8 by Pyro on 04.18.08
suks my cock
#7 by Steven097135 on 04.17.08
#6 by Pyromike on 04.17.08
yawn... who would play this. I wouldn't.
#5 by PS2Dude on 04.17.08
kinda boring
#4 by El-NeNe on 04.17.08
Good game, fun to play but lack of something
#3 by Beuwulf-90 on 04.17.08
wow this sucked
#2 by Hattrik55 on 04.17.08
ill play this sometime later.its raining here
#1 by Sportrabbit on 04.17.08
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