Invasion 3

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Start a new game then click the units you want to purchase. Then start the battle. Deplot your unit by clicking on the name. You win by destroying the castle.

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Played 87,276 times since 10.12.05
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just buy all archerz for every level... too easy
#26 by PeaceOut on 12.23.10
infantry are good for blocking men that important one oof my stradgety
#25 by Sonic_Wave on 09.27.09
awsome denzellstater was right youll win if you have alot of archers
#24 by DRAKARTH on 06.07.09
#23 by William123 on 04.11.09
Yeah! Easy, fun, and additive.
#22 by J-man on 02.24.09
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