Invizimals Hunt And Capture

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Look closely at each room to see where the Invizimals could be hiding. If you think you see one, aim the PSP at that area to reveal which Invizimal it is and click to capture it. But aim carefully so you don't run out of battery!

Mouse to move, click to capture

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Submitted by KerbGames
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Played 127 times since 07.22.10
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laaaaame x_X so easy... and watz the point of this game anyway lol o,O
#5 by PeaceOut on 01.04.11
stupid and boring
#4 by Iyonn on 11.06.10
hmmmmm idk but I guess it's sora ok
#3 by DESPERADO69 on 09.06.10
#2 by Ffffffffff11 on 09.01.10
#1 by DARIEL on 08.24.10
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